The First Tree 第一棵树

The story sets in a somewhat ancient time. Anya was a beautiful young woman in a coastal tribe. After losing her father and her husband in a storm, she took her people to a new world searching for a different life. They worked day and night and changed the desert land bit by bit into a beautiful place. However Anya didn’t recover after the birth of her son. After she died, people buried her in grief. But that was not the end. She continued to bless her people after death. She became the first tree.

The first picture book from Slow Rabbit and Ge Wang combines a stylish black and white illustration with a touching life story about life and death. Living may be tough but we have hope. And Death is never the end. Life keeps going just in a different form.

A English-Chinese version of the book is also available.

The First Tree (English Verion) samples are listed below. To see enlarged pictures, please click on them.  Click this link to buy cart

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