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Latest update: The book series, Chinese Characters Learning and Fast Reading For Age 3-8 With Rhymes and Stories (Books 1-4), are now available in mainland China. Books can be purchased in Jd.com, dangdang.com, and many other bookstores in China. The US readers can purchase the books on Amazon.com. Click her for more details about the books. 


Slow Rabbit was born and raised in China. She is currently a engineer in a telecom company. In her free time, she writes poems as well as children’s books. As a mother of three young kids, she is especially interested in bilingual education in English and Chinese. Her books include but are not limited to bilingual nursery rhymes, bilingual poems, bilingual picture books, and Chinese textbook.  She uses Slow Rabbit as a pen name because she believes being slow is a blessing even for a rabbit and children should be given enough time to grow at their own pace.

Most of her books are available on Amazon. Some of her books are now available in China and more are coming. Please stay tuned for the latest news.

 欢迎来到慢兔的窝。慢兔是一个 工程师,同时也是三个孩子的妈妈,于2015年创办儿童原创公众号“慢兔的窝”,包含中英文双语原创有声内容,比如双语鹅妈妈,双语诗,双语笑话等,兼有儿童教育,亲子阅读,儿童原创作品等内容。从2015年开始编写慢兔识字歌谣等幼少儿中文阅读资料,及双语鹅妈妈等中英文双语阅读资料。部分作品在海外自出版后,得到海外老师家长的欢迎。个人爱好包括中英文的诗歌创作。

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