English-Chinese Bilingual Mother Goose 双语鹅妈妈童谣

The book series are available in paperback and ebook formats. Each volume of English-Chinese Bilingual Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms contains 20 beloved Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms with Chinese versions translated by Slow Rabbit. These nursery rhythms are short, simple, and fun. The books are suitable for kids under 10 to learn either English or Chinese with a primary language as the counterpart. Adults who wish to learn these languages may also found it useful.

《双语鹅妈妈童谣》有电子书和纸版书两种格式,一套三册,每册含双语鹅妈妈童谣20首,英文为经典鹅妈妈童谣原文,中文为慢兔翻译,在尽量保留原意的同时,力求地道流畅,朗朗上口。 这些童谣短小,简单,有趣,可作为10岁以下母语为中文或者英文的儿童学习另一门语言的初期读物。在《识字歌谣》后,可自然过渡到双语鹅妈妈童谣。

Samples from the first book are as follows.  Click on the link to buycart


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Samples from the first book are as follows.  Click the link to buycart


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Samples from the first book are as follows. Click the link to buycart


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